Sharing this place. Small batch only pinot noir from a single vineyard in the Yarra Valley.

The soils are a distillation of the landscape and all who’ve lived here; from the earliest indigenous owners, farmers, alluvial and shallow shaft miners, loners, battlers, families, academics, artists, vignerons, winemakers.

Now we are producing hand picked, deliberately limited quantity, of the highest quality, pinot noir.

It’s a considered approach. In a particularly low intervention way, we’re striving for balance: at this place, in the vineyard, and in the winery.

Seasons Diary

Recorded climate conditions are an interesting backdrop to how the vines grow, but we’re inspired by the Kulin Calendar seasons: the sights, sounds, natural senses which come and go when they do; as they should.

The provenance of each bottle of Nine One Six pinot noir can be validated using its unique randomised serial number.

Bottles can be traced right back to specific sections of the vineyard, exact ferments, separate barrels, and the precise cellaring conditions.