Nine One Six origins are fortuitous, and full of goodwill.

After inner-city living, looking for a bucolic lifestyle on the outskirts of Melbourne, Erin-Marie O’Neill and John Brand moved to the Yarra Valley.

The first Nine One Six harvest was only a couple of weeks away when the Black Saturday fires swept through Steels Creek, taking their home and all possessions.

The vineyard was hit hard, but a few years later, the twenty year old vineyard produced its first viable crop again. So, it was in 2012, that JB, E-M and now young Henry handpicked grapes for the first Nine One Six pinot noir.

From then on – every vintage – the grapes to best represent that year are selected from a particular area of the vineyard, kept separated as ferments, then put into select barrels. The Nine One Six label shows which part of the vineyard the wine is from, and each bottle has a unique serial number which can be validated to receive provenance detail.

The focus of Nine One Six is to produce pinot noir which is a true expression of site and environment.

For more than twenty years, industry stalwart Viticulturist John Evans has guided the vineyard; skillfully and discerningly focused on balance.

Highly regarded Winemaker Ben Haines has made every vintage, and he purely produces wine with elegance, detail, and poise.

All these efforts result in several vintages now, of commended, vastly enjoyed, and happily shared, Nine One Six pinot noir.